About Me

For hundreds of years Malta has established itself as one of the key bases in the maritime industry not only for her perfect geographical location but also for its excellent dock services. Today, this tiny island boasts of supreme facilities in the maritime industry with reliable repair yards equipped with skilful and certified tradesmen with years of proven experience. The shore side infrastructure required to support all kind of vessels in existence today is very well developed whether the call is for bunkering, or to restock suppliers, carry out a crew change, or to give guests or crew a taste of ‘shore’ relaxation highlighting local history or culture.

With excellent air connection by a good number of major airlines Malta enjoys respect and confidence as a destination for charter pick up.

Capt. Lawrence Dalli, MWO, Bsc (Marine), BIPP, photography and ships are two of his passions in life – a combination which produces memorable and pleasant reflections. His constant lookout for new arrivals makes him a real ‘aficionado’ as these pages convey. He was presented with a camera for his ninth birthday and ever since photography has developed from a hobby to a passion and a profession. Being an islander the sea and boats were his immediate affectionate focus, a charm which matured along with the changes time brought about to the type of boats featuring on/off the Maltese waters.

More works of Capt. Lawrence Dalli may be viewed on website : www.maltashipphotos.com