Naval News – RFS ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV catches fire again – 22.12.2022

Russia’s Navy sole aircraft carrier RFS ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV 063 which is under maintenance period , caught fire again at the Zvezdochka repair plant at Murmank, Russia on Thursday 22nd December 2022 with around 20 souls evacuated and no casualties.

The carrier started an overhaul and modernisation programme in 2017 to extend her service life by 25 years. However, in October 2018, RFS ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV 063 was damaged when Russia’s largest floating dry dock, PD-50, sank, causing one of her 70 ton cranes to crash onto the ship’s flight deck, leaving behind a 19-square-metre (200 sq ft) hole.

Local media reported that one person was reported missing and four injured as the dry dock sank in Kola Bay. The carrier was in the process of being removed from the dock when the incident occurred, and was towed to a nearby yard after the incident. The fallen crane was removed after three months.

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Published – Monday 9th January, 2023.