Towage – MUSTANG towing tanker ANWAAR AL KHALIJ to Malta for repairs – 30.07.2022

On Saturday 30th July the 2009 built 30.80 metres anchor handling tug MUSTANG towing the 2005 built LBY flag and owned 164.45 metre Double Hull chemical/oil products tanker ANWAAR AL KHALIJ approached Grand Harbour to hand over the latter to local tugs so she can enter Valletta towed for rudder repairs at Palumbo Malta Shipyard Ltd after she ran aground off Tripoli, Libya during the last week of July.

On Thursday 4th August the tug MUSTANG entered Grand Harbour, Malta at 0644 hrs berthing at Pinto 4 Wharf, part of Valletta Cruise Port for uplifting bunkers, stores & provisions and mobilising for the next job.

She left Valletta at 1716 hrs bound to anchorage awaiting orders.

Towage was represented in Malta by Mediterranean Trading Shipping –

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Published – Saturday 6th August, 2022.