Fire – Grass Fire at Wied il-Ghomor, Malta – 30.05.2022

On Monday 30th May, 2022 a grass fire broke out around 1315 hrs at Wied il-Ghomor which spread quickly, fanned by a strong wind spreading from San Gwann to Ibrag under the former Halland Hotel site.

Civil Protection Department (CPD) deployed several fire appliances from all fire stations and it was fully controlled by 2330 hrs. St. John’s Ambulance Rescue Corps Vehicles were also on the scene.

Myself both as a resident and CEO of Malta Ship Photos issued a condemnation the following day about certain comments from Maltese/Foreigners who don’t even live in my area –

THANKS for the Overwhelming messages and I FULLY CONDEMN the BLA BLA BLA of both Maltese & Foreigners speaking about yesterday Ghomor Valley wild fire and LIES that fire fighters were 2 hours late (TOTALLY NOT TRUE) ….as all we care is about Flora & Fauna but we don’t give the damn shit about all kind of souls living in the area and they call themselves Good Samaritans as we are only good to go to mass and show that we follow the rule of religion and to show that we receive the…… Firefighters are the unsung heroes of our community and do their work without fear. A firefighter remains a firefighter at any point of the day, be it a cold, freezing night or a bright sunny day and are dedicated to their courage and helpfulness. A firefighter takes the oath of saving people’s lives and taking care of the danger in front of him without flinching or having any double thoughts….

On Tuesday 31st May, CPD were here again since carob trees take long hours than anyone can expect with daily Fire Patrols with fire trucks going up and down thanks to Civil Protection Department (CPD)

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Published – Wednesday 15th June, 2022.