Russia-Ukraine War – Bulker MATROS POZYNICH one of 3 ships involved in the trade of stolen grain – May 2022

One of the 3 vessels involved in the trade in stolen grain from Ukraine is the 2010 built 169 Metre bulker MATROS POZYNICH.

On Wednesday 27th April she dropped anchor offshore Crimea. The next day she was seen in the port of Sevastopol (the main port of Crimea). From Sevastopol she transited the Bosphorus and headed for the Egyptian port of Alexandria. According to the Ministry of Défense of Ukraine at least 400,000 tons of Ukrainian wheat have been stolen and almost 30,00 tons were loaded on the ship. However, the Ukrainian authorities warned Egypt that the grain had been stolen, and the latter refused. Lebanon also refused to accept stolen grain. After that, the ship headed to the Syrian port of Latakia.

The American TV channel CNN showed satellite images showing the Russian ship transporting stolen Ukrainian grain from the occupied Crimea to Syria.

Built in Japan by Shimanami Shipyard in 2010 as the Japanese bulker SHUNWA she traded until 2017 where she was renamed as TRAMONTANA homeported at Majuro (MHL) and since 1st February 2022 she was purchased by Crane Marine Contractors LLC (CMC) based at Astrakhan, Russia and renamed her as MATROS POZYNICH.

According to CMC website the company that was founded back in 2003 , the bulker is not listed in their fleet (7 ships in all – 2 Floating Cranes, 2 Deck Cargo Pontoons and 3 tugs).

On Thursday 12th May 2022

at 2339 hrs she was spotted off Latakia, Syria after she left at night with destination as Kavkaz, Russia

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Published – Friday 13th May, 2022.