Russia-Ukraine War – 2021 built Russian Navy Logistic Ship VSEVOLOD BOBROV damaged with missile hit – 12.05.2022

On Thursday 12th May, 2022 the Ukrainian forces have damaged the 2021 built 94.88 metres Russian Navy logistics ship (Project 23120) VSEVOLOD BOBROV in the Black Sea off Zmiinyi Island known as Snake Island with an Ukrainian Navy Anti-Ship Neptun Missile Hit, setting her on fire.

She was carrying reinforcements to the island, including Pantsir missile systems. She was built at the Saint Petersburg-based shipyard Severnaya Verf, Russia and she’s the second ship of her class. She’s designated as Logistics Support Vessel of which she carries a decompression chamber and a helicopter deck capable of accommodating the Russian Navy’s Ka-27 utility helicopters. There is also space on the vessel for two rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), which are to be used for general support duties such as personnel transfers at sea. The helicopters and the RIBs will also significantly augment the vessel’s own SAR capability.

It seems that currently she’s being towed to Sevastopol Naval Base with the Russian Ministry of Planning Special Operations stated that the fire & the smoke aboard VSEVOLOD BOBROV seen at Snake Island is proceeding strictly according to plan. The ship was too new & we needed to break her in so she blends in with the rest of the Russian Navy…….hahahaha nice joke…..

Her last AIS Signal was back to 26th February, 2 days after Russia invaded Ukraine and started a WAR

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Published – Friday 13th May, 2022.