Broken Up – Russian Icebreaker KIGORIAK – April 2022

The 1979 Canadian built Icebreaker KIGORIAK was spotted beached at Alang, India to be broken Up.

She was built by Saint John Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company for Canadian Marine Drilling (Canmar) in 1979 as the CANMAR KIGORIAK. She was the first commercial icebreaking vessel developed to support offshore oil exploration in the Beaufort Sea.

When Canmar sold the icebreaking fleet in 1997 she was acquired by International Transport Contractors (ITC) and renamed KIGORIA mainly using her for ocean towage and salvage operations in the Atlantic Ocean.

With 16,800 BHP she had 196 tons of bollard pull. In 2003 she was sold for the last time to her current owner Smit FEMCO, Russia and renamed TALAGY. Then in 2010 she was renamed again as KIGORIAK by the same owner.

In January 2022 she was sold for scrap and on the 22nd February, 2022 she was spotted at Bunkering Area 4, Malta.

All images by kind permission of a gentleman, friend, Capt Gijs Dijkdrenth who was the Master of KIGORIA during ITC times from 1997 to 2003.

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Published – Monday 2nd May, 2022.