Casualties – CHEM P salvage update – 13.04.2022

While the tanker CHEM P is anchored Within Territorial Waters of Malta awaiting various permissions to complete her voyage here are the latest movements –

Monday 28th March, 2022

1630 hrs – CHEM P received a court warrant – 425/2022 from Enemalta plc with the claimed amount of € 30,000,000.

Friday 1st April, 2022

1226 hrs – Crewboat RUSAND to VTS – Alongside the tanker CHEM P to disembark 2 persons whilst anchored at the waiting area.

1245 hrs – RUSAND to VTS – Operation completed and will proceed back to Marsaxlokk Harbour.

Friday 8th April, 2022

0950 hrs – Tugboat RINGHIO taking over from OPAL at waiting area.

0952 hrs – OPAL to VTS – Handover of CHEM P ready of which she disconnected at 0940 hrs and proceeded to Rijeka at Croatia.

Tuesday 12th April, 2022

0944 hrs – RINGHIO to CHEM P – Received an email from local agent that we have the red light from the Authorities to move to Area 6 due to coming bad weather with strong wind.

1106 hrs – CHEM P to RINGHIO – There were some Power System Issue with engineers still working on it.

1119 hrs – CHEM P to RINGHIO – System Issue Solved and I can heave up anchor.

1158 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – Ready to heave up anchor to shift to Area 6 as per instructions.

1200 hrs – RINGHIO to VTS – Started towing CHEM P and to pass from south side.

1307 hrs – VTS to RINGHIO – NOT to pass from Marsaxlokk VTS Area.

1924 hrs – Towage arrived at Bunkering Area 6.

1945 hrs – VTS to CHEM P – 3 more cables to drop anchor

1951 hrs – VTS to CHEM P – In position so you can let go with tug RINGHIO advised too

2017 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – Anchor Holding.

Wednesday 13th April, 2022

East Southeast Strong Wind Warning In force veering to East Force 6 to 7

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Published – Wednesday 13th April, 2022