Haifa Port – March 2022 Movements.

The Port of Haifa  is the largest of Israel’s three major international seaports, the others being the Port of Ashdod, and the Port of Eilat. It has a natural deep water harbor, which operates all year long, and serves both passenger and merchant ships. It is one of the largest ports in the eastern Mediterranean in terms of freight volume and handles about 30 million tons of cargo per year (not including Israel Shipyards’ port).

Here are some of the interesting shipping movements for the month of March, 2022 –

7th March – The 2002 built offshore supply ship MARINER was spotted anchored OPL Haifa. She’s the former Gulf Offshore NORTH MARINER that was purchased during July 2021.

At 1247 hrs the 2011 built 87 metres offshore tug/supply vessel STEPHEN WALLACE DICK entered Haifa for 32 hour stay before heading to Limassol, Cyprus again.

Interesting roro ship the 1985 built PAN flag LIDER HALUK which was purchased during August 2020 by her Turkish owners , was seen leaving Port.

8th March – The 5th ship from a class of 8 Aquitaine Class FREMM frigate of the Marine Nationale (French Navy) D 654 FS AUVERGNE based at Brest, France left the port after 3 day diplomatic visit.

18th March – The 2006 built 325 metre boxship MSC CHARLESTON left the Chinese Harbour bound to Saudi Arabia at 1533 hrs.

22nd March – The 2014 built 259 metres boxship YM EVOLUTION left Port bound to Egypt.

Watermarked Photos at Israel by our correspondent Peter Szamosi. NO PHOTOS can be used or manipulated without our permission. © All rights reserved. Malta Ship Photos & Action Photos – www.maltashipphotos.com

Published – Friday 1st April, 2022.