Casualties – CHEM P salvage update – 21.03.2022

With stormy weather including ESE gale force winds with very high swell the shifting of the tanker CHEM P from her current position to a designated area was hampered and cancelled for Sunday 20th March, 2022. With SITREP every hour or so to access the situation it was decided to leave it for today Monday 21st March.

0603 hrs – ST.ELMO to VTS – Sea conditions are good and ready to start the operation to leave the area.

0608 hrs – VTS to CHEM P – Tanker is advised.

0624 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – Asking for Harbour Master to call him again via mobile phone and email the matter regarding the anchor for P&I Insurance.

0655 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – Engine Being Prepared.

0702 hrs – Starboard anchor heaving up started.

0722 hrs – Anchor away and vessel underway.

0736 hrs – ST. ELMO to VTS – Eta to Area 6 around 1300 hrs.

0813 hrs – VTS to ST.ELMO – Voyage passage has to pass North of Gozo (NOT from the Channel as permission wasn’t granted).

0818 hrs – ST.ELMO to CHEM P – Rudder to be in midships position and voyage passage was changed so ETA will change.

0822 hrs – VTS to CHEM P – Position at Area 6 given (035 57’2 N and 014 19 ’11 E ).

0836 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – Position given is too close to shore and request to go to OPL for anchorage.

0844 hrs – Diving Boat KIRBY FS passed Madalena shoals after she left Grand Harbour at 0822 hrs.

0846 hrs – VTS to CHEM P – Position given is safe otherwise 100 metes is as depth.

0854 hrs – KIRBY FS -VTS – Arrived in position and preparing Divers.

0906 hrs – ST.ELMO to VTS – New ETA to Area 6 @ 1630 hrs.

0909 hrs – KIRBY FS to VTS – Divers in the water.

0941 hrs – VTS to CHEM P – New anchorage position at Area 3 West (035 53’1N and 014 46’2E) while towage was already off Qorrot, Gozo.

0951 hrs – CHEM P To VTS – Request Harbour Master to contact him.

0958 hrs – VTS to CHEM P – Position given earlier at Area 3 will be cancelled due to the forecasted weather conditions and with 1 anchor (Port Anchor is missing)

1055 hrs – VTS issued a SECURITE message to all stations that the tanker CHEM P is being towed North of Gozo by 2 tugboats and to keep a sharp lookout.

1058 hrs – KIRBY FS to VTS – Diving Operations completed ( After 2 dives were done to evaluate interconnector cable damage) and to return back to Grand Harbour Marina (GHM).

1241 hrs – ST.ELMO to VTS – Approaching designated area since ETA was updated to 1330 hrs.

1300 hrs – ST. ELMO to CHEM P – 1 more nautical mile to position.

1344 hrs – ST.ELMO to CHEM P – Let go anchors with position confirmed from VTS with 95 metres depth.

1345 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – 1.5 cable more and will drop anchor.

1352 hrs – SPINOLA to VTS – 20% pulling power so the anchor will drop slowly to reduce the momentum

1357 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – 4 shackles in the water with 5 on deck.

1400 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – 7 on deck.

1403 hrs – CHEM P to SPINOLA – Stop Pulling.

1405 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – 9 on deck.

1408 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – Speed of 0.3 knots and requested tugs to remain with her.

1428 hrs – VTS to CHEM P – Is Anchor Holding with reply as YES.

1521 hrs – MOOR (37 metres workboat) to CHEM P – Approaching the tanker with surveyor onboard and will come starboard side alongside.

1540 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – Asking regarding tugs, wanted to dismiss and release 1 tug.

1541 hrs – MOOR to VTS – Surveyor aboard MOOR is taking pictures around of which VTS replied that the surveyor is working on behalf of Transport Malta (TM).

1613 hrs – MOOR to VTS – Alongside CHEM P.

1753 hrs – BRAVO 1 to VTS – Leaving breakwater bound to Area 6 to do a conveyance with tugs ST.ELMO and SPINOLA of stores/provisions.

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Published – Tuesday 22nd March, 2022.

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