Naval News – Irish Naval Service buys IPC’s from New Zealand – 14.03.2022

The Irish Naval Service purchased 2 Inshore Patrol Craft (IPC) from New Zealand, investment of around €26 million to replace the Peacock Class Patrol Craft LE ORLA P 41 and LE CIARA P 42.

Both HMNZS ROTOITI P 3569 and HMNZS PUKAKI P 3568 were a Lake Class Patrol Craft built by Tenix Defence at Whangarei, New Zealand and commissioned in the Navy on 17th April 2009 (P 3569) and on 10th May 2008 (P 3568). Both were decommissioned at Devonport Naval Base on 17th October,2009.

These Inshore Patrol Vessels have a lesser crewing requirement than the ships they replace, and will provide the Naval Service with an enhanced capacity to operate and undertake patrols in the Irish Sea on the East and South East Coast. They have a fully automated control and navigations system, modern communications and surveillance systems, active stabilisers and are able to sail at a speed of up to 25 knots. Both ships have been in Lloyd’s lay-up class appraisal survey since October 2019, having been withdrawn from service and will undergo some restoration works to bring them up to Lloyd’s classification and will be transported as deck cargo to Ireland in 2023.

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Published – Wednesday 16th March, 2022.