Offshore – Loading Operations of Jack Up Oil Rig KEY SINGAPORE – Feb/March 2022..

During the first quarter of 2022 another rig move was seen at Malta , this time of the 1982 built Jack Up Oil Rig KEY SINGAPORE that originally arrived OPL Malta on Sunday 3rd January, 2021 around 2000 hrs that was towed by the 2008 built anchor handling vessel A.H. LIGURIA of which on Monday 4th January, 2021 she entered Grand Harbour at 1451 hrs.

During February, 2022 preparations were done in order to tow her to a submerged semi-submersible heavy lift vessel TRUSTEE still in Dockwise Livery so a dry tow will commence before she goes to India.

With rough weather and fore coming strong winds this operation took 3 attempts of which we believe it’s the first time.

First one was on Friday 25th February of which towage arrived next to TRUSTEE at 1100 hrs of which minutes later operation was cancelled and KEY SINGAPORE had to be towed back to OPL Malta.

Second attempt happened on Tuesday 1st March with the towage left Hurd Bank after midnight –

Second attempt happened on Tuesday 1st March with the towage left Hurd Bank after midnight –

At 0815 hrs operation was cancelled and after changing tow ropes into wire ropes etc the tug SPINOLA starting towing KEY SINGAPORE with the tow master emphasizing that the rig should reach her position by latest 1430 hrs due to wind force picking up.

On Wednesday 2nd March around 2030 hrs the semi submersible TRUSTEE arrived at the designated area from the waiting area.

On Friday 4th March the third attempt was here – Below at 0520 hrs –

At 0654 hrs SPINOLA stated that she’s doing less than 0.5 knots and 1.5 cables from TRUSTEE.

At 0700 hrs tugs (3) started taking weight while duty pilot requested weather forecast from Valletta VTS. At 0719 hrs forward line from KEY SINGAPORE to TRUSTEE was attached and at 0737 hrs the aft line was attached. And at 0750 hrs the second forward line was attached with the platform entering smoothly in her position aboard the submerged semi submersible heavy lift vessel TRUSTEE.

At 0843 hrs rig arrived in position while 3 minutes later tug ST. ELMO made fast on the starboard side. At 0903 hrs tug PAWLINA was released and at 0910 hrs she was secured at starboard side.

At 0938 hrs from the tow master operation was successful and all tugs to be released with tug ST.ELMO proceeding to Marsaxlokk Harbour bound to Junction Quay at 0947 hrs with tug SPINOLA following her at 0950 hrs.

On Saturday 5th March the semi submersible heavy lift vessel TRUSTEE loaded with KEY SINGAPORE was called by Valletta VTS to heave up anchors and anchor just outside Bunkering Area 4 due to NW wind for more sheltering.

On Tuesday 8th March TRUSTEE left anchorage area at 2018 hrs and started her voyage to Visakhapatnam, India via Cape of Good Hope (COGH).

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Published – Wednesday 9th March, 2022.