Casualties – FELICITY ACE sinks off the Azores – 01.03.2022

On Tuesday 1st March, 2022 around 0900 hrs local time Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) car carrier FELICITY ACE  that caught fire in the Atlantic last February 16th while carrying nearly 4,000 cars from Germany to the US sunk despite several efforts to tow her safely.  The 6,400 CEU ship sank 220 nautical miles off the coast of Portugal’s Azores Islands having suffered a list to starboard, MOL Ship Management Singapore said.

Last Friday 25th February a salvage team has successfully boarded the car carrier by a helicopter and managed to attach a tow line to the Boskalis Offshore tug/supply ship BEAR to a safe area off the Azores.

As SEA BEAR entering Grand Harbour, Malta back to 22nd January, 2013.

Tug DIAN KINGDOM together with the large anchor handling tug and additional firefighting capability VB HISPANIA was escorting the tow.

DIAN KINGDOM at Grand Harbour, Malta back to 2018.,

VB HISPANIA in the Mediterranean Sea in 2016.

FELICITY ACE  lost stability and sank around 25 nautical miles, outside the limit of the Economic Exclusive Zone from Portugal, in an area of which water depth is about 3,000 m. Salvage crafts will remain around the area to monitor the situation, the shipmanager added.

“Some debris and a small stain of oil waste are recorded on the site, which is being dispersed by the water jets of the tugs and which is being monitored by the Department of Pollution of the National Maritime Authority and by the European Maritime Security Agency (EMSA),” the Portuguese Navy stated.

Last Monday 21st February we issued an article regarding the fire –

Timeline image courtesy of Portuguese Navy.

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Published – Wednesday 2nd March, 2022.