Ship Repair – 1957 built sailing yacht SAINT KILDA at Malta

One of the vessels that entered Grand Harbour, Malta under different names was the 1957 built 51.33 metre 3 masted steel schooner SAINT KILDA.

She was built in 1957 by Abeking & Rasmussen at Lemwerder, Germany as the trawler BIELEFELD trading until 1971 where she was renamed STARFISH E 213 under Danish flag in 1984. After conversion she emerged as SYSCOMP I of which she was seen in Malta several times homeported at St. John’s with Antigua & Barbuda (ATG) Flag until 5th October 1998 where she was renamed SAINT KILDA after she was drydocked inside the floating dock CAMILEON at Cassar Ship Repair Yard.

In January 2002 she was renamed as SEDNA IV with Canadian (CAN) Flag renamed after the Inuit Goddess of the sea as a research vessel.

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Published – Thursday 3rd February ,2022.