Towage – Cargo Ship EVALUNA towed to Malta for repairs – January 2022

On Saturday 1st January 2022 the 2011 built General Cargo Ship EVALUNA reported to VTS that she was in restricted manoeuvrability due to gearbox problems around 38 nautical miles offshore Malta coming from Bizerte, Tunisia. After towage arrangements were done the 38 metre tug SPINOLA let Grand Harbour at 1204 hrs and reaching the ship 4 hours later.

Towage commenced and EVALUNA arrived at Hurd Bank Area on Sunday 2nd January, 2022 at 0218 hrs with SPINOLA returning to the harbour at 0434 hrs.

Here during towage at 2208 hrs.

On Monday 3rd January, 2022 arrangements were being done to bring the vessel towards Grand Harbour for repairs but due to strong wind, everything was ready to tow her inside the harbour on Wednesday 5th January, 2022. She was towed once again by SPINOLA and once they approached Grand Harbour, tug PAWLINA went to assist.

Towage entered at 1258 hrs.

EVALUNA proceeded to Factory Wharf at Palumbo Malta Shipyard.

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Published – Tuesday 18th January, 2022.