Dredging – Dredging of Inert Material at Deep Water Quay, Malta – November 2021

From Monday 1st November to Monday 22nd November, 2021 Dredging Operations of Inert Material was carried out in Grand Harbour along the intermediate coastline of Deep Water Quay (DWQ) 3 and 4.

The Ports & Yachting Directorate of Transport Malta issued Local Notice of Mariners – 168 dated 26th October 2021.

Vessels engaged in the operation owned by Cassar Group were the 1987 built 35 metre crane barge SEADRAGON

The 11 metre workboat BETTY was spotted with the titles – TENDER TO SEADRAGON during the operations –

And the 1980 German built 43.02 metre split hopper SEAHOPPER –

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Published – Wednesday 29th December, 2021