Libyan Uprising – Libya Human Aid sending Ambulances from Malta to Libya – May 2011

During the Libyan Uprising started on 17th February, 2021 of which my team played an important role in Humanitarian Aid assessments, the country of Malta was instrumental and caught the eyes of international headlines for its part in evacuating thousands of persons from Libya, all sorts of Humanitarian Affairs and Political Asylum to 2 Libyan Arab Air Force (LAAF) Dassault Mirage Fighter Jets which refused to attack their own people and instead they fled Libya and landed at Malta International Airport.

Humanitarian Aid Trips were organised by the non-govermental organisation (NGO) I GO AID Foundation which was set up by a group of Libyan & Maltese Nationals in late February,2011 and officially registered in Malta in March 2011. The 1989 built longliner AL ENTISAR owned by Attud Fishing, Libya was chartered to operate between Malta and Misurata, Libya to transport Humanitarian Aid.

During May 2011 a UK registered Charity (No 1142235) – Libya Human Aid (LHA) was established. Infact they provided various Humanitarian Aid including Various ambulances , one of them loaded – Ford 125 T430 with UK number plates as PF52 XFU aboard AL ENTISAR back to 10th May, 2011.

Later in the evening AL ENTISAR left her berth at DWQ 4 bound to Misurata.

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Published – Thursday 25th November, 2021.