Broken Up – SEVE-SEAS I at Malta – Q 4 of 2021.

The 62 year old tanker SEVE-SEAS I was broken up at Malta after being shifted to MMH Facilities by the tug GOZZO on Thursday 16th September, 2021.

Started her life as HSwMS FRYKEN A 217 with the Swedish Navy she was delivered on 24th November, 1959 supporting the navy with fresh water. She was built by Marinteknik Verkstads AB of which in 1972, the company bought Öregrundsvarvet AB and relocated the shipyard to Öregrund in 1973.

Extract from Jane’s Fighting Ships 1992-93 Edition.

In 1992 she was bought by the Maltese owned shipping company – Ocean Way Co Ltd based in St. Julian’s and started fresh water supplies immediately renaming her as XMUN (II).

She was sold locally in 2013 and there were rumours that her tanks were converted to carry diesel, in fact according to Lloyd’s Register of Shipping back to April, 2014 her operator was Darmanin Fisheries Ltd.

On Tuesday 1st April 2014 around 1100 hrs while XMUN was on her hard slipped on SLIP 1 at Manoel Island Yacht Yard (MIYY) the co2 fixed installation system was accidentally released causing the gas flooding the engine room resulting to 6 persons injured including 1 MIYY employee according to Transport Malta Safety Investigation Report 201404/001 with report no 08/2015 issued in April 2015.

Meanwhile on 18th July, 2014 change of ownership was done to Petroplus ltd as registered in the Maltese Shipping Register and observed by the Lloyd’s Register Of Shipping.

In August 2015 she was renamed as SEVE-SEAS I homeported at La Paz, Bolivia of which according to Lloyd’s Register of Shipping she was reported sold to British Virgin Islands Interests and since then laid up at Bridge Wharf.

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Published – Tuesday 26th October ,2021