Towage – FAIRMOUNT SUMMIT towing semi-submersible heavy lifter GAVEA LIFTER loaded with jack up oilrig WEST TITANIA – 13.06.2007

On Wednesday 13th June 2007, the 2005 built 75 metre anchor handling tug FAIRMOUNT SUMMIT towing the 1976 built 196 metre non propelled semi submersible heavy lifter GAVEA LIFTER loaded with the 1981 built jack up oil rig WEST TITANIA loaded from Congo, West Africa entered Grand Harbour around 1346 hrs.

4 Tug Malta tugs – FELICA, LIENI, SEA SALVOR and WENZINA made all fast outside Grand Harbour (O/GH) to GAVEA LIFTER.

Once tugs were all fast the tow starting to approach and manoeuvre to the breakwaters with FAIRMOUNT SUMMIT still towing as the leading tug.

The convoy had to moor sideways at Bighi Bay and various slow manoeuvres were done with times that FAIRMOUNT SUMMIT was close to shore (Fort St. Angelo).

Once the operation was completed the towing bridal was lowered down to the FAIRMOUNT SUMMIT –

And GAVEA LIFTER was secured moored –

And FAIRMOUNT SUMMIT berthed alongside her stern –

Vessel logistics etc was all managed by Medsea Shipping Agency –

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Published – Saturday 16th October ,2021