Breaking Up – 4 Italian Navy Units loaded on YACHT EXPRESS – 19.08.2021

An Interesting operation by a semi submersible vessel done at Augusta, Sicily was the DYT Yacht transport vessel YACHT EXPRESS that loaded 4 x decommissioned Italian Navy Units for breaking up at Aliaga, Turkey.

The 4 naval units were –

Toti Class (1075 Type) Submarine – ITS ATTILIO BAGNOLINI S 505 commissioned on 16th June 1968, the first out of four of her class and Italy’s first indigenously built submarines since the Second World War. Two of her class are Museum Ships at Milan and Venice. She was decommissioned on 5 th July 1991.

S 505 ATTILIO BAGNOLINI together with S 514 LAZZARO MOCENIGO awaiting disposal at Augusta, Sicily back to 4th March, 2018.

Atlante Class Deep Sea Tugboat – ITS ATLANTE A 5317 built at Cantiere Navale Visentini, Donada (Rovigo), Italy laid down in 1974, launched in 1975 and commissioned on 14th August 1976 together with her sister ITS PROMETEO A 5318 (Only 2 in her class) and decommissioned on 10th October 2004.

Awaiting disposal at Augusta, Sicily back to 4th March, 2018.

Basento Class Water Carriers (3) ITS BRENTA A 5358 built at INMA, La Spezia, Italy commissioned on 18th April, 1972 and decommissioned 1st February, 2002.

Awaiting disposal at Augusta, Sicily back to 4th March, 2018 and right below image while entering Grand Harbour, Malta back to 4 th June 1996.

Ex-British Landing Craft Tank (LCT) Class in service in 1944 that was used as Repair Workshop and torpedo recovery – ITS MOC 1221

Awaiting disposal at Augusta, Sicily back to 4th March, 2018,

Once the 4 units were towed inside the semi-submersible vessel YACHT EXPRESS at Punto Cugno, submerging ops were done after all vessels were all fast and secure on their hard. The notice for the removal of the above vessels was issued 3 years ago by the Ministry of Defence for the approximately amount of 3.7 million Euros of which the whole operation was taken care of Multi Marine Services together with the Boccadifuoco Shipping Agency in Augusta.

She left Augusta, Sicily on Friday 20th August,2021 giving eta of Sunday 22nd August arriving at Aliaga.

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Published – Friday 8th October, 2021