Delivery – General Cargo Ship LADY HABARKA at Malta – 06.09.2021

On Monday 6th September the 2021 built general cargo ship LADY HABARKA entered Grand Harbour, Malta at 0815 hrs bound to berth at Pinto 3 Wharf, part of Valletta Cruise Port during her delivery voyage for uplifting bunkers and provisions.

She was built at the Chowgule Shipyard in Goa, India and she’s the 5th vessel in a new series of 6 Ships.

The new LADY H series is designed for transporting all kinds of cargo with maximum fuel efficiency, especially in moderate to heavy weather conditions, including sailing in ice. Therefore, the vessel features an Ice Class 1A notation and a special designed headbox-tunnel and nozzle, ensuring sufficient thrust and speed. They have a deadweight (dwt) capacity of around 4,200 tons with 98m as length overall for the Dutch company Wijnne & Barends.

She left Grand Harbour bound to Eemshaven, Netherlands on Tuesday 7th September at 0254 hrs.

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Published – Tuesday 7th September, 2021