Tanker News – Tanker ETRUSCO at Oiltanking Malta – August 2021.

Chemical tankers, like oil tankers, transport chemicals in bulk, but while an oil tanker often loads all her tanks with the same product, at the same terminal, a chemical tanker usually has various products in her tanks and loads them in different harbours.

Last Saturday 14th August, 2021 at 2246 hrs the 2006 built tanker ETRUSCO entered Marsaxlokk Harbour, Malta coming from Taranto, Italy bound to Oiltanking Malta Terminal Jetty 2 for loading 4,992 metric tons of Methyl Tert Buthyl Ether (MTBE).

Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) is a flammable liquid that has been used as an additive for unleaded gasoline since the 1980s. MTBE increases octane and oxygen levels in gasoline and reduces pollution emissions. Because of concerns for groundwater contamination and water quality, MTBE is now banned or limited in several states. MTBE is also used in small amounts as a laboratory solvent and for some medical applications.

She left harbour on Sunday 15th August at 1935 hrs bound to Ancona, Italy.

ETRUSCO operations Husbandry Agent in Malta was Medsea Shipping Agency – http://www.medsea.com.mt

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Published – Wednesday 18th August ,2021