Palumbo Malta Shipyard – ELIAS TSAKOS from 02.08.2021 to 14.08.2021

The 5 year old 249.90 metre long Aframax type crude oil tanker ELIAS TSAKOS called at Palumbo Malta Shipyard. She entered Grand Harbour on Monday 2nd August, 2021 passing breakwaters at 1558 hrs.

She was assisted by 4 tugs bound for drydocking at Dock 6.

She was built in Romania by Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries as yard number 5010 which conducted sea trials during June 2016.

During her drydocking at Dock 6, while various repairs were done of which I believe it was her first drydocking survey for her 5 years. According to SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea) regulation, every sea-going vessel has to undergo two dry docks within a period of 5 years.

On Saturday 14th August at 1300 hrs 3 pilots and 4 tugs were ordered for her departure.

After Dock gate was lowered tugboat ST.ANGELO entered the dock for her centre aft position of which at 1323 hrs she was fast while tanker was trying her engine too.

At 1355 hrs duty pilot onboard reported to the shipyards that the ship will start soon in few minutes because she’s still ballasting. At 1350 hrs he reported a leaking valve of which at 1410 hrs valve was secured and at 1415 hrs he gave the green light to everyone that the move will start. At 1417 hrs stern lines were off with the rope mules (moving winches)started to slack with ST.ANGELO towing astern.

At 1427 hrs tugboat WENZINA was fast, by 1428 hrs there was still 100m left for mules in fact by 1431 hrs starboard head line was off with port headline off a minute later.

At 1433 hrs tugboat SEA SALVOR was fast and tanker was seen turning to starboard in the fairway.

At 1433 hrs tugboat SPINOLA was connected as a hawser using tug’s line and started the manoeuvre to leave the harbour.

Tanker passed breakwaters at 1506 hrs bound to Fredericia, Denmark for orders.

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Published – Tuesday 17th August ,2021