Maltese Islands – Tal-Mixta Cave, Gozo

One of Gozo’s hidden gems found on the outskirts of Nadur Village is TAL-MIXTA CAVE .The secluded cave provides a perfect panoramic view of the splendid red sands of RAMLA L-HAMRA beach and the terraced fields all through the valley.

Findings of Bronze Age pottery, in and surrounding the grotto, have affirmed the fact that it is one of the last intact troglodytic habitats on the island, used to provide shelter for the peasants and their cattle during winter. Interestingly its name Mixta is said to derive from the word mxett meaning wintering. Furthermore during the time of the Knights of Malta the cave served as a vantage point in securing the coastline whilst also providing refuge from raiders.

Nowadays TAL-MIXTA CAVE has become a growingly popular site amongst both locals and tourists, for its stunning scenery and breath-taking sunset views.

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Published – Friday 18th June, 2021.