Passers By – Naval Units during April & May 2021.

Various naval units pass the Malta-Sicily straits like other ships and to mention some –

Early April 2021 the Russian Navy Project 22350 Gorshkov Class frigate RFS ADMIRAL KASATONOV 431 along with the salvage tug NIKOLAI CHIKER and tanker VYAZMA (Joined in February 2021 ) passed Malta-Sicily Straits during the frigate maiden deployment which left homeport Severomorsk last 30th December 2020 

On Tuesday 15th April, 2021 the Russian Navy Altay Class (Project 160) Tanker KOLA escorting the Project 20380 Steregushchiy Class Corvette RFS STOIKIY 545 passed Malta-Sicily Straits coming from a planned visit at the Omani port of Salalah in their long-distance deployment and on Saturday 18th April both naval units passed Gibraltar Straits.

Interesting to note that the tanker KOLA was already in the Mediterranean Sea back to January this year of which she passed Malta on the 19th while underway to Cyprus.

While various naval units passed by on Tuesday 25th May the United States Navy IWO JIMA ARG passed by

The group is made of the Wasp Class Amphibious Assault Ship USS IWO JIMA LHD 7

Harpers Ferry Class Dock Landing Ship USS CARTERS HALL LSD 50

Lead ship of her class – San Antonio Amphibious Transport Dock USS SAN ANTONIO LPD 17

On Wednesday 26th May, 2021 the Russian Ministry of Transport Multi 2015 commissioned Purpose Salvage Vessel SPASATEL DEMIDOV 704 passed by Malta/Sicily strait at 2024 hrs.

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Published – Tuesday 1st June, 2021.