Maltese Fortifications – Lippija Tower

LIPPIJA TOWER also known as ĠNEJNA TOWER is a small watchtower overlooking Ġnejna Bay, limits of Mġarr, Malta. It was completed in 1637 as the first of the 10 Lascaris towers (9 are still intact and other one was destroyed ).

LIPPIJA TOWER was built in 1637 on the edge of Wardija Ridge overlooking Ġnejna Bay on the north west coast of Malta. The tower has Għajn Tuffieħa and Nadur Towers in its line of sight. The construction of the tower was personally financed by the Grand Master of the order of St John Giovanni Paolo Lascaris.

The tower was built on the site of a medieval watch post. It was designed by the Italian Cardinal Military Architect Vincenzo Maculani. It is almost identical to Għajn Tuffieħa Tower, having a square plan and two floors topped by a flat roof with a parapet. Each floor has a single room, and access to the upper floor was originally by a wooden ladder.

Originally the tower was known as TORRE DEL MIGIARRO and had a chapel dedicated to Santa Agatha

Early 2000’s the tower was abandoned and it was in danger of collapsing. It was restored by the Ministry of Resources and Infrastructure in 2003. Watch towers were about 11 metres high. They consisted of two single-roomed floors with external access provided solely to the upper floor generally reached either by a wood or rope ladder.

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Published – Monday 10th May, 2021.