Fishing – Italian stern trawler GISTERODA

One of the Italian steel hull stern trawlers that had been working for Maltese Tuna Ranches Operators during the Blue Fin Tuna (BFT) Season is the GISTERODA.

She was built in 2001 in Italy by Cantiere Navale Di Ortona at Ortona as ERICA trading until 2009; PIETRO PADRE until 2011 and ENZA D until 2013. As GISTERODA she was seen in Malta with 3 different matricola, always Mazara Del Vallo. Below back to 24th May, 2014 as MV 1346 underway to Malta for uplifting bunkers and provisions at DWQ 3 Wharf.

Then in 2015 she was spotted still in white hull but her matricola as MV 395 – Below images back to 26th June, 2015 whilst towing a tuna cage with red coloured funnels –

BFT Season 2018 was here again in light blue hull coloured (Like most of the Mazara Del Vallo fishing vessels). In fact she entered Grand Harbour, Malta on 24th May 2018 with fishing matricola as MV 399 and left few hours later after she uplifted bunkers and had provisions as per below images –

Now she’s renamed as DAVIDE INGARGIOLA with radio call sign as ITSY with ICCAT Serial Number as ATEU0ITA00493 and currently berthed at Mazara Del Vallo.

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Published – Tuesday 13th April, 2021.