Casualties – EEMSLIFT HENDRIKA Salvage Update ( 1120 UTC ) – 09.04.2021

As reported yesterday Thursday 9th April, 2021 EEMSLIFT HENDRIKA was secured berthed at Alesund Port, Norway which operation ended around 1700 hrs with NORMAND DROTT towing her with 2.8 knots as speed with BB OCEAN assisting.

The salvage team of 4 personnel from Smit Salvage remained onboard during the towage with the Norwegian Coast Guard Ships KV NJORD W 333 and KV BERGEN W 341 with the anti pollution vessel OV HEKKINGEN escorting the operation. There were no particular challenges during the night, but the emergency level was maintained until the ship was secured safely alongside.

And the dramatic incident ended safely.

It all started with a distress call on Monday 5th April when EEMSLIFT HENDRIKA developed a heavy list after cargo had shifted into rough seas and strong winds in the Norwegian sea 60 nm west of Olesund, Norway with crew abandoning the vessel and rescued by Helicopter. Apart from cargo in her holds she had 3 salmon vessels workboats all built by Moen Marin – 2 x Nabcat Blue Catamarans and the AQS TOR (that was thrown off in the storm and later rescued and towed to Floro) ; 1 motor yacht and 1 sailing yacht.

Moen Marin Nabcat Catamarans ERLING JARL and MYLINGEN as deck cargo aboard EEMSLIFT HENDRIKA at Grand Harbour, Malta back to 11th May, 2017.

Salvage Operation images via Norwegian Coastal Administration.

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Published – Friday 9th April, 2021.