Offshore – New Wind Foundation Installation Vessel ALFA LIFT launched in China – 28.02.2021

On Sunday 28th February, 2021 the semi-submersible heavy lift transportation and installation vessel ALFA LIFT was launched at the China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI) Haimen Shipyard at Jiangsu, China for Norwegian based Offshore Heavy Transport (OHT).

Designed by Ulstein, the ALFA LIFT is touted as the largest and most innovative offshore wind foundation installation vessel in the world. With delivery scheduled in late 2021 or early 2022, the vessel will be used to install wind turbine monopiles and jackets at Equinor’s Dogger Bank, the largest offshore wind farm in the world located in the North Sea off England.

OHT reports that since the vessel is launched, she will now be berthed at the shipyard as work continues on the steel and internal fitting out. Meanwhile, key elements of the vessel’s Liebherr main crane – a Liebherr 3000 tonne heavy Lift crane have been completed in Rostock, Germany, including the slewing column and the A-frame. The parts are scheduled to leave Rostock early this month for delivery at CMHI in Jiangsu, China in April.

We look forward to delivery of the vessel and trust she will bring highly-efficient service to the end client in the near future. Everyone at Liebherr is watching the progress of the ALFA LIFT with excitement as we move forward with the production of the HLC 150000,” said Gregor Levold, Sales Director of Ship and Offshore Cranes at Liebherr Rostock. “We look ahead to when this innovative offshore vessel, together with our crane, will soon be building the energy of tomorrow”.

The 48,000 DWT semi-submersible heavy lift transportation and installation vessel is able to submerge when in operation which increases the stability of the crane. As a result the HLC resists a wider variety of environmental scenarios and thus makes it possible to operate in almost any weather. She’s 216.3m long with a beam of 56m and design draft of 8m. Her maximum submersible draft is 27.6 metres with a crane lifting capacity of 3,000 mt. She has obtained her first contracts for foundation installation at the world’s largest offshore wind farm Dogger Bank. She is recognized as the most innovative offshore wind foundation installation vessel in the world and regarded as a game changer to the industry.

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Published – Wednesday 3 rd March, 2021.