Naval News – Towed Array Sonar by Dutch Navy Submarine S 810 HNLMS BRUINVIS – March 2002

A towed array sonar is a system of hydrophones towed behind a submarine or a surface ship on a cable. Trailing the hydrophones behind the vessel, on a cable that can be kilometres long, keeps the array’s sensors away from the ship’s own noise sources, greatly improving its signal-to-noise ratio, and hence the effectiveness of detecting and tracking faint contacts, such as quiet, low noise-emitting submarine threats, or seismic signals. A towed array offers superior resolution and range compared with hull mounted sonar. It also covers the baffles, the blind spot of hull mounted sonar. However, effective use of the system limits a vessel’s speed and care must be taken to protect the cable from damage.

On Thursday 28th March 2002 preparations were done aboard Miggiani Offshore supply boat MARIA-C in order for sonar grapnel recovery operation before the submarine HNLMS BRUINVIS S 810 enters harbour for a diplomatic visit.

Then on Friday 29th March, 2002 all was in order to do the operation off Bunkering Area 6 which was a sheltered area to perform the recovery operation.

Later afternoon after 1400 hrs the Walrus Class Diesel-Electric Submarine HNLMS BRUINVIS S 810 entered Grand Harbour, Malta berthing at Pinto 3 Wharf. She’s the 4th submarine from a class of 4 and was commissioned on 5th July 1994.

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Published – Saturday 13th February 2021.