Ships from Canada – Canada Steamship Lines Sisters at Welland Canal – 26.12.2020

On a cold Saturday 26th December, 2020 around 2000 hrs Canada time the 1984 built Self Discharging Bulk Carrier ATLANTIC HURON passed by the 1973 built Self Discharging Bulk Carrier RT.HON. PAUL J.MARTIN whilst she was berthed at the Welland Canal.

ATLANTIC HURON was built in Canada by Collingwood Shipbuilding at Collingwood as ATLANTIC HURON trading until March 1994, renamed as MELVIN H. BAKER II until April 1997 and back to ATLANTIC HURON. She’s homeported at Montreal with Canada (CAN) Flag and is 224 metres long with 36,920 tons as deadweight (dwt).

RT.HON.PAUL J.MARTIN was built in Canada by Collingwood Shipbuilding at Collingwood as H.M. GRIFFITH launched on 12th July,1973 trading until May 2000. She’s homeported at St. Catharines with Canada (CAN) Flag. She’s 225 metres long with 35,439 tons as deadweight (dwt). On 6th October 2019 she went aground on Galop island, outside the port of Johnstown, Ontario in Canada where she was loaded with iron ore. She was taking on water at a slow rate, according to the U.S. Coast Guard with her own bilge pumps were able to keep up. No fuel tanks were breached, and no pollution or injuries were reported.

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Published – Sunday 27th December, 2020