Cruise Liner News – 3 MSC cruise liners at Grand Harbour during October 2020

MSC Cruises or MSC Crociere is a global cruise line based in Genoa, Italy. Founded in 1989 at Naples, Italy it is part of the Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC), the world’s second biggest container shipping operator. During the month of October 2020, we saw three ships at Grand Harbour, Malta –

The 2019 built 332 metre long cruise liner MSC GRANDIOSA which was the first cruise liner with passengers and the second one to berth at Valletta Cruise Port (First call was in August 2020) doing the weekly cruise which due to COVID-19 restrictions lots of health measures and protocol has to be done before passengers (ONLY as groups booked for excursions ) are allowed ashore.

Then we had the 2009 built 333 metre long MSC SPLENDIDA which on Saturday 24th October she entered Palumbo Malta Shipyards Ltd berthing at Parlatorio Wharf. She’s the first MSC Cruise liner to berth at the shipyard after last July MSC bought 50 % stake and formed a joint venture with Palumbo.

And the third one, carrying over 500 passengers coming from Greece was the 2010 built 294 metre long MSC MAGNIFICA.

Berthing at Valletta Cruise Port Pinto 1 and 2 wharves.

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Published – Sunday 1st November, 2020.