Former Military – BASTION 2 and BASTION 3 – 30.10.2020

One of the fast patrol craft class in service with the Guardia Di Finanza (Italian Customs) was the Corrubia Class of which 26 units were launched. 11 units were built by the original project  Cantieri Navali del Golfo di Gaeta in two lots with the rest 15 units, were built by the Intermarine shipyard in Sarzana , Italy.

Lately at MMH Malta Facilities we are witnessing some of those patrol craft being converted for anti piracy ships. First one was the Mongolian flag BASTION 3 the former G 93 ANGELINI built by Cantieri Navali del Golfo di Gaeta on 20th September 1995 of which her callsign was IDSB and based in Naples when in service with GdiF. In fact her last port of call before Malta was in Naples on 4th June after she was spotted at Heraklion, Greece on 1st June and Ismaila, Egypt back to 30th May,2020. According to the owner’s website she was refurbished in 2014. She arrived at Malta back to 21st August, 2020 where some maintenance works were done.

Second one arriving at Grand Harbour on 23rd September, 2020 coming from Naples, Italy after a 15 hour voyage was the Mongolian flag BASTION 2. She’s the former G 101 LOMBARDI built by Cantieri Navali del Golfo di Gaeta of which her callsign was IDSJ in service with GdiF.

On Tuesday 27th October, 2020 both BASTION 2 and BASTION 3 had to shift at Valletta Cruise Port Pinto 2 Wharf due that fire-fighting operation was being done cause of fire blaze at Wasteserv site on Marsa behind their berthing place at MMH Malta Facilities.

Later on in the afternoon they shifted back to their berth at MMH Malta Facilities.

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Published – Friday 30th October, 2020.