Emergency Vehicles – Former RAF Land Rover Series IIa Ambulance at Malta

When the British Forces withdrew from Malta in 1979 two Land Rover Series II ambulances were passed from the Royal Air Force to the Civil Aviation Department at Luqa Airport. All airport vehicles beared the word AVJAZZJONI CIVILI (Civil Aviation in Maltese Language).

Land Rover Series IIA Ambulance with RAF registration number 93AA15 was passed as 12667 then new number plate as M-0461 painted all white with red cross and number 1 in white colour painted in the cross. Later on it was acquired by the Malta Historic Vehicle Trust (MHVT) and was seen during the Annual Commercial Vehicle Rally – Below at Pembroke during the 2010 Edition.

Ambulance no 1 ( Former CPP 202B) was registered as M-0463.

Coloured photo during an annual fire exercise at the Airport during 1998 and the Black n White one back in November 1985 during the EgyptAir Hijacking ( Flight 648).

Early 1999 she was painted all red and was known as CRASH 7 – Photo below is during Malta International Airshow 1999

Later on it was acquired by the Malta Historic Vehicle Trust (MHVT).

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Published – Monday 19th October ,2020