Casualties – Russian Navy Corvette collides with a Refrigerated Ship – 23.09.2020

On Wednesday 23rd September, 2020 early morning the Russian Navy Corvette RFS KAZANETS collided with the 145 metres long refrigerated ship (NOT a container ship as reported by several media) ICE ROSE in dense fog in Danish waters on Wednesday near the Oresund Bridge linking Denmark and Sweden. The reefer sailed under her own power to Lindo Havn Denmark.

The ICE ROSE which was sailing from St. Petersburg in Russia to Gothenburg in Sweden, collided with the Russian Navy corvette which suffered gashes in superstructure area above the waterline on her starboard quarter. A Danish Navy spokesman for the Joint Operation Centre stated that the reason for the collision was not clear, but that the Russian vessel had permission to be in Danish waters and had notified Danish authorities of her presence. No one aboard the refrigerated ship was injured and there were no signs of oil leaks or ingress of water.

ICE ROSE was built in South Korea by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) at Ulsan as REEFER JAMBU trading until August 1996. She’s homeported in Majuro at Marshall Islands. Below are images of her sister ICE RIVER leaving Grand Harbour, Malta back to 14th December, 2015.

RFS KAZANETS 311 is a Parchim Class Corvette commissioned in 1986 with 800 tons displacement and part of the Baltic Sea Fleet. After the collision she sailed towards Baltiysk Naval Base at Kaliningrad Region, Russia under her own power.

Both parties confirmed that there was a collision and they are awaiting further information from Danish authorities.

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Published – Friday 25th September, 2020.