ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION – SEA-WATCH 4 immigrants bound to Palermo – 01.09.2020

On Wednesday 2nd September the 353 illegal immigrants rescued by the German NGO ship, SEA-WATCH 4 were transferred to the 1987 built ropax GNV ALLEGRA off Palermo, Sicily for quarantine.

11 days after the first souls onboard the SEA-WATCH 4 were rescued, all 353 survivors on the vessel jointly operated by United4Rescue, Sea-Watch, and Doctors without Borders, were transferred off Palermo. The group included 150 people transferred from the rescue vessel LOUISE MICHEL , a former French Naval Ship funded by the British street artist Banksy. After carrying out several rescue missions, the LOUISE MICHEL  had 219 survivors with 10 crew members onboard with another 33 survivors attached on a life raft and sent out distress calls as the vessel was unable to move due to the weight. 49 particularly vulnerable people were picked up by the Guardia Costiera ( Italian coast guard) while the former research ship SEA-WATCH 4 the remaining 150 immigrants.

. SEA-WATCH 4 track from off Lampedusa to offshore Malta on Thursday 27th August at 1445 hrs.

9 hours later at 2345 hrs.

Once again between Lampedusa and Malta on Saturday 29th August at 2121 hrs.

The 1987 Finnish built ropax GNV ALLEGRA the third quarantine vessel laid on by the Italian Government was checked due to technical and sanitary inspections aboard with medical staff and assistants from the Italian Red Cross.

The operation is guarded by law enforcement assets including Guardia Costiera 200 Class Patrol Craft CP 290

It seems that the GNV ALLEGRA will shift off Lampedusa.

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Published – Saturday 5th September, 2020.