Research – Seismic survey first phase of Campos Basin, Brazil completed – 16.06.2020

PGS vessel RAMFORM TITAN has completed acquisition on the first two parts of a new long offset GeoStreamer-X seismic survey in Campos Basin. The majority of the coverage so far targets areas for the Brazil 17th Bidding Round scheduled for early 2021. Fast track data will be available through the third and fourth quarters of 2020.

She set a new record, towing the largest acquisition spread ever deployed in Brazil with a 14 x 100 x 10050 meter, dual-sensor, dual-source configuration.

RAMFORM TITAN completed acquisition of the 6 500 sq. km area ahead of schedule, with an average production of 80 sq. km per day. This was achieved by overcoming the known demands of the Campos Basin and managing the additional challenges of offshore logistics during the COVID-19 pandemic disease outbreak. PGS was able to deliver safe and reliable operations, recording high-quality data every day since late February with a single crew, thanks to the advanced design specifications of the vessel and dedication of the crew members.

Once completed, the survey will cover an area of approximately 14,500 square kilometres.

All images of RAMFORM TITAN at Grand Harbour back to February/March, 2019 berthed at Valletta Cruise Port.

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Published – Friday 19th June,2020