Offshore – China Salvage Vessels at Malta – 2003/2004

Interesting shipping movements with Chinese Offshore vessels happening early in year 2000 were 3 vessels coming from the same company.

These were the 1999 built offshore tug/supply ship DE JIN that entered Valletta on 29th May, 2003. She was built at Donghai Shipyard in Shanghai, China

Then on 10th July 2004 we had the 2000 built offshore tug/supply ship DE HONG with 185 tons bollard pull. She was also built at Donghai Shipyard in Shanghai, China

On 14th July, 2004 she had a crew change 2 miles off Grand Harbour –

And the last ship was the 50,000 dwt deck cargo pontoon ZHONG REN 3 bound to Malta Drydocks on 12th July 2004 for docking at Dock 6. She was built in Spain in 1976 at E.N. Bazan de Constr.Navales Militares,S.A., Ferrol (yard no 148) as a 150,000 dwt tanker ALMIRANTE ROTAECHE, converted into FPSO in 1985 and converted in 2002 as the deck cargo pontoon.

All ships were represented in Malta by Medsea Shipping Agency –

Photos by Capt. Lawrence Dalli. Do not use these images without my permission. © All rights reserved. Malta Ship Photos & Action Photos –

Published – Friday 8th May,2020