Cruise Liner News – COSTA MEDITERRANEA used for crew changes – 14.04.2020

Costa Crociere is using the 2003 built liner COSTA MEDITERRANEA to get Indonesian and Philippine crew home. Currently she’s underway to Brindisi, Italy from La Spezia, Italy (leaving Monday 13th) with ETA as Thursday 16th April.

COSTA MEDITERRANEA leaving Valletta, Malta back to 13th November, 2014

The first phase of COSTA MEDITERRANEA plan to transfer Indonesian and Philippine crew from COSTA PACIFICA as well as the disembarking the European crew, was completed successfully. After arriving at the port of La Spezia, on April 10th , COSTA MEDITERANEA received 408 crew from COSTA PACIFICA and at the same time, 221 crew disembarked the ship and transferred to COSTA PACIFICA.

COSTA PACIFICA underway offshore Gozo back to 3rd July,2009.

Once COSTA MEDITERRANEA arrives at Brindisi, she will transfer both Indonesian and Philippine crew from COSTA FORTUNA which are not requested for operational reasons or maintain minimum safety of the vessel.

COSTA FORTUNA leaving Valletta, Malta back to 28th March, 2007.

Once the second phase is completed COSTA MEDITERRANEA will set sail to the Far East to reach the final destination – port of Shanghai. The arrival of the Asian crew is estimated middle May. Once reaching these destinations Costa Cruises will have coordinated debarkation in cooperation with the local government and the managing agencies to ensure everyone can reach home safely. All three ships included in the repatriation plan are safe with no positive case of COVID-19, the company said.

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Published – Tuesday 14th April, 2020