Casualties – 6 rescued as longliner sinks in Spain – 26.03.2020

On Thursday 26th March around 1530 hrs March 26, 2020, the Spanish longliner PICODA LEBRE issued a distress call following a water ingress which affected the stability 30 miles Northeast of Estaca de Bares, 15 miles from the port of Burela in La Coruña in the province of Lugo.

The SAR boat SALVAMAR ALIOTH and the Galician Pesca II SAR AW139 helicopter were mobilised to the scene by Salvamento Marítimo which also alerted three ships in the vicinity. The 6 crew members abandoned their ship in a life raft and have been picked up by the 1999 built 30 m stern trawler MENDANA which transferred them ashore around 1900 hrs . PICODA LEBRE was observed slowly sinking by the stern until the bow disappeared under the waves. The radio beacon and other items were recovered.

Spanish report – and

All images of PUNTA MAYOR taken at Barcelona, Spain last 22nd November, 2018.

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Published – Monday 30th March, 2020