Yacht Marinas – Porto Rossi at Catania – 23.02.2020

PORTO ROSSI previously known as the Port of Caito is a marina in the city of Catania, Sicily located near the town of Caito next to the Train Station Maintenance Depot (Stazione Centrale Catania).

The port is located in a lava cliff, between Caito and Armisi, on which the main railway systems of the city of Catania are built. At the beginning it was a simple landing place for private boats and after sometime the Chief of the FS Maintenance Depot Pietro Rossi obtained an inlet of the rocky cliff. 

The name Caito (in Catanese ‘u Càitu) is that of the locality not far from which the Gaito stop of the Circumetnea railway also stood . Over time, a cyclopean dam was created in lava rocks to protect the marina of which it then slowly equipped itself with docks, winches and lifting cranes, fuel supplies and everything necessary to give assistance, for a fee, to the boats. The port, with a capacity of about 300 berths, is managed by private individuals.

The marina is located about 1 mile north of the port of Catania and the entrance is from the southeast.

Photos by Capt. Lawrence Dalli. Do not use these images without my permission. © All rights reserved. Malta Ship Photos & Action Photos – www.maltashipphotos.com

Published – Friday 20th March, 2020