Virtu Ferries – Repatriation Trips To/From Sicily – 10.03.2020

Amid drastic coronavirus (COVID-19) measures, Virtu Ferries with the High Speed Craft SAINT JOHN PAUL II are doing Repatriation Trips To/From Sicily and today Tuesday 10th March operation will be as follows :

VR100 Dep. Mla 18.00hrs Arr. Pozz 19.45hrs (amended)
VR101 Dep. Pozz 02.00hrs n.d Arr. Mla 03.45hrs (amended)

Only commercially registered vehicles with a maximum of two drivers (both drivers to return with same vehicle) and passengers returning to home country will be allowed to travel.

Passengers returning to country of residence/domicile will be allowed to travel against a valid residence permit.

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Published – Tuesday 10th March, 2020.