Aids to Navigation – Sciara Biscari Lighthouse – 28.02.2020

Aids to navigation are special structures like lighthouses, lightships, beacons, buoys, etc that are used to enhance safety. These lights and marks are prescribed across the world by the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA).

SCIARA BISCARI LIGHTHOUSE in Italian as FARO DI SCIARA BISCARI is an active lighthouse located at the entrance to the city and ‘greets’ those who arrive in Catania by sea. This high tower flashes with white light every 5 seconds. The lighthouse tower is painted white with a grey lantern dome.

Built in 1951 her admiralty number is E 1828 and Marina Militare Italiana number is 2796.

Photos by Capt. Lawrence Dalli. Do not use these images without my permission. © All rights reserved. Malta Ship Photos & Action Photos –

Published – Friday 28th February 2020