Cable Laying News – PETER FABER to be replaced – 23.09.2019

Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) acquired the TOISA WARRIOR, a 87 meters DP2 ship built in 2011, from Sealion Shipping.

With this acquisition, ASN is rejuvenating its fleet and reinforcing its presence in the Atlantic area, the company said. The vessel renamed ILE D’OUESSANT and FRA flagged will serve primarily as a maintenance vessel for cables in the Atlantic (APMA) and will replace the PETER FABER.

The conversion of the ship will start shortly and will run in Europe under Louis Dreyfus Armateurs’ (LDA) responsibility, with the aim of having the new ship operational in the Atlantic area by Q1 2020. The new vessel features 2 propellers and 4 thrusters for a speed of 15 knots.

All Aerial Images of PETER FABER are back to 17th October 2009 offshore Sicily.

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Published – Tuesday 1st October 2019