Maltese Fortifications – Gun Posts – 02.09.2019

After the early 20th century, few fortifications were built in Malta. However, new military installations such as airfields was built in World War I, when the seaplane base of RAF Kalafrana and the airfield at Marsa were built. More airfields were built in the interwar period and the Second World War, including RAF Hal Far, RAF Ta Kali, RAF Luqa, RAF Safi, RAF Krendi and Ta’ Lambert Airfield.

Originally over 200 GUN POSTS were built around the island by The Royal Engineers during the early stages of the war as part of what historians have dubbed the third reserve line of defence from the Maltese coast and less than half survived of which some of them are still seen.

The structure itself consists of a windowless ground level rectangular block with an elevated observation turret with horizontal slit ports all round. All such posts were designed as bomb-proof standalone structures meant to resist capture if caught in an air drop zone during an invasion.

One of the structures today holds the Gun Post Bar & Restaurant with a beautiful view of Marsamxett Harbour.

You will also find them around the island including Fort St. Elmo in Valletta –

And Fort Ricasoli –

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