Naval News – ESPS TURIA M 34 aground after SAR of down pilot at Murcia, Spain – 27.08.2019

The Spanish Navy Mine Counter Measures Vessel ESPS TURIA M34 has ran aground off La Manga, Murcia, Spain whilst engaged in a search and rescue operation for the wreck and pilot of a crashed of the Spanish Air Force C 101 trainer jet.

The incident happened around 1030 hrs , ship was taking in water after she ran aground although fortunately the Ministry of Defence reported that the fuel tanks were not affected. Witnesses reported a strong smell of fuel with the crew rapidly abandoned the ship with the help of numerous smaller craft including the navy divers that are in the area to minimize the damage for the salvage operation.

Last time she was in Malta ESPS TURIA M 34 , she was assigned to the NATO as SNMCMG 2 from 1st – 3rd December 2018 –

Above images are by Mr. Anthony Vella back to 3rd Deember 2018,

As per the trainer jet the aircraft was a twoseater C-101, a model used by Spain’s Patrulla Águila aerobatic display team.

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