Towing Assistance – WENZINA assisting at Bunkering Area 4 – 15.08.2019

The local tugboat WENZINA was called to assist by the Harbour Master orders at Bunkering Area 4 on Thursday 15th August, 2019 around 1440 hrs.

Immediately at 1447 hrs she left Marsaxlokk Harbour to assist the 105 m general cargo ship LADY SIRIA of which she arrived at 1455 hrs in position with the tug master noted that she was disabled with engine failure and advised Valletta VTS. Earlier on the vessel LADY SIRIA was heaving up anchors when completed bunkering operations with SALINA BAY. At a point she developed engine failure and she finished dragging anchors with ELAURA anchor chain.

At 1458 hrs the bunkering tanker ELAURA which was already anchored advised WENZINA to turn the ship to starboard side.

WENZINA was towing LADY SIRIA who was only doing 0.8 knots towards the bunkering tanker ELAURA , At 1530 hrs crew members from ELAURA was trying to secure the vessel LADY SIRIA starting from her bow.

At 1534 hrs WENZINA was holding LADY SIRIA so that vessel will be secured alongside the tanker of which mooring ropes were being lowered and tighten manual not on winches so vessel was without power.

At 1615 hrs both vessels were alongside each other to unleash the anchors that were dragged into each other.

At 1633 hrs WENZINA‘s Master asked vessel LADY SIRIA radio officer that he’s waiting for the towage papers to be signed of which the reply was that he’s waiting the owners instructions.

At 1708 hrs WENZINA changed position from centre lead aft towards centre lead forward to start the operation of the anchors and fast again at 1712 hrs.

At 1808 hrs WENZINA reported that LADY SIRIA anchors were being retrieved and she started pulling of which at 1815 hrs both ships were retrieving anchors.

WENZINA reported to Valletta VTS at 1830 hrs that ELAURA anchors are coming up but it seems that LADY SIRIA has a winch problem and nothing is coming up.

At 1837 hrs WENZINA reported to Valletta VTS that ELAURA anchors were up so no foul anchors and still fast with LADY SIRIA and awaiting instructions from Harbour Master.

At 1912 hrs LADY SIRIA called WENZINA that she was ready from the tug, to cast off and didn’t want to sign the LOF Salvage form. Valletta VTS informed the vessel not to do anything unless advised from the authorities and tugboat has to stay there. Meanwhile bunkering tanker ELAURA started steaming from the area.

At 2006 hrs tugboat WENZINA was still with vessel LADY SIRIA of which the master of the cargo ship complained about signing LOF papers to Valletta VTS.

Till 2119 hrs situation remained the same –

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