Yacht Transportation – YACHT EXPRESS loading 58.03m yacht MARALA – 28.07.2019

Last Sunday 28th July 2019 the 2007 built semi submersible yacht carrier YACHT EXPRESS loaded the 1931 built luxury yacht MARALA during a Sevenstar Yacht Transport Operation.

YACHT EXPRESS was built at Yantai, China by CIMC Raffles Offshore and on the 17th November 2007 she called for bunkering operations at Bunkering Area 4 loaded with 4 x inland sea hulls with DOCKWISE YACHT TRANSPORT written on her hull during her delivery voyage.

After few weeks awaiting orders anchored at Area 2, she was shifted to OPL Malta.

Last Saturday 27th July she was advised that by 1930 hrs she had to be at the Valletta Pilot Station to exchange the berth with a coaster of which few minutes before 1900 hrs the coaster decided to order departure pilot at 2100 hrs. She finished entering Valletta at 2125 hrs in pitch dark to berth at Magazine Wharf.

Sunny Sunday 28th July, 2019 while YACHT EXPRESS was berthed at Magazine Wharf, preparations were ongoing to start loading. To make sure that she’ll have enough draft to submerge , 4 yokohama fenders were used by the aid of the tugboat PAVLOS T.

Few minutes later the hold was being filled with seawater.

At 1400 hrs 2 Malta Maritime Pilots together with 3 Pilot Launches (FOXTROT and OHIO towing while DELTA with 1 pilot on board to assist) started the shifting manoeuvre from MMH Facilities towards the ship assisted by the Floating Dock NAZLAB tenders TUG 1 and TUG 2.

Around 1500 hrs the towage was lining up to enter the floating dock of YACHT EXPRESS and loading the yacht in her place.

After she was secured to the vessel pumping in water started again, with divers ready to assist.

After water was pumped and deck was drying again, preparation for welding works were being made to secure more the yacht and stabilise more the vessel.

After all works were done YACHT EXPRESS left Valletta during the night.

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