Casualties – Ropax REGINA SEAWAYS resumes her journey after fire – 02.10.2018

The REGINA SEAWAYS, a Lithuanian flagged (LTU) ropax carrying 335 passengers entered Klaipeda Seaport on the evening of Tuesday 2nd October,2018 after she experienced a technical failure at the Baltic Sea, of which she was escorted by Lithuanian Navy Vessels.



The ship’s operator DFDS denied there was a fire or blast in the boiler room, speaking only of technical problems.

All passengers were reported to be safe and the ship  restarted her engine was restarted and escorted by the Dutch tugboat ATLANTIS and naval units of Lithuanian Naval Force.




According to DFDS spokesman that there was no vibration and there was smoke , though no fire was noticed while on passage to Klaipeda from Kiel, Germany

“The conditions were not very convenient for a rescue operation – we had 3 and over-meter height waves and over 300 people aboard,” Commander Eugenijus Valikovas, head of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre of the Lithuanian Navy, said.

Valikovas added that three Navy ships, that could accommodate all passengers and take them to the shore safely, were dispatched to carry out the rescue operation. Additionally, three Air Force helicopters were ready to take off immediately and start transfer of passengers.

Operated by DFDS Seaways, Regina Seaways ferry experienced engine troubles at around 2 pm on October 2, leaving the vessel adrift some 110 km away from Klaipėda. At around 6 pm the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre was informed by the Regina Seaways ferry via radio communication that they managed to start the main engine and was heading towards Klaipėda.


Above images shows (Left to Right) – Naval Units leaving Klaipeda Seaport at 1400 hrs UTC via AIS coverage; M 53 SKALVIS a Hunt Class mine countermeasures vessel and N 42 JOTVINGIS  a Vidar Class minelayer.


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