Valletta Cruise Port – Week 36 of 2018

Valletta Cruise Port plc (formerly VISET Malta plc) is a limited liability company which took over the cruise and ferry terminal operations following an international tender issued by the Government of Malta in 1996. Valletta Cruise Port was awarded the project and the formal agreement was signed on the 23rd of November 2001.

Aerial Image of FILFLA back to 17th October 2013 – FILFLA is a small, mostly barren, uninhabited islet,  5 kilometres (3.1 miles) south of Malta and is the most southerly point of the maltese Archipelago. Filflu (or Filfluu) is a small rocky islet some 102 metres (335 feet) southwest of FILFLA.

Monday 3rd September, 2018.

From 0836 to 1646 hrs the 1930 built GBR flag 87 metre superyacht NAHLIN was at Valletta berthed at Pinto 3 wharf.



Tuesday 4th September, 2018.

Around 0712 hrs the 2002 built MLT flag cruise liner CELEBRITY CONSTELLATION entered Valletta berthing at Pinto 4 and 5 wharves to sleep overnight.


Above vessel was represented in Malta by SMS Shipping Agency –


Wednesday 5th September, 2018.

From 0631 to 1838 hrs the 2018 built MLT flag cruise liner MSC SEAVIEW was at Valletta berthed at Pinto 1 and 2 wharves.


At 2154 hrs  CELEBRITY CONSTELLATION left Valletta from Pinto 4 and 5 wharves.

Thursday 6th September, 2018.

From 0414 to 2229 hrs the 2000 built BMU flag cruise liner OCEANA was at Valletta berthing at Pinto 1 and 2 wharves.


Vessel was represented in Malta by Malta Cruise Services, a division of Mifsud Brothers Ltd –


At 0738 hrs the 2008 built MLT flag passenger ship ARETHUSA entered Valletta berthing at Pinto 3 Wharf.


From 1214 to 2104 hrs the 1998 built BHS flag cruise liner NORWEGIAN SPIRIT was berthed at Pinto 4 and 5 wharves heading astern upon her entry.



Vessel was represented in Malta by SMS Shipping Agency –


Friday 7th September, 2018.

From 0807 to 1916 hrs the 2001 built NLD flag pipe burying vessel NORDNES was berthed at Pinto 1 and 2 wharves while on voyage from Damietta, Egypt to Ferrol, Spain.

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